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Study Abroad Education Consultants

Brigade Visas Study Abroad Education Consultants

In order to answer the question on whether Brigade Visas is trustable or not, I will first explain what exactly Brigade Visas is. Brigade Visas Study Abroad Education Consultants are specializes in assisting clients to acquire work visas in certain countries like Canada, Australia, Denmark and more. The company is based in India and its offices are in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

In relation to education overseas, the company will only be advising on the benefits and the requirements of undergoing education abroad. There are a few countries where the company has included in their official website that are good for studying such as the United Kingdom, Australia and more. If for example a client were to come to Brigade Visas and ask about studying in the United Kingdom, the company will advise on how good the education system is over there. However, the company does not guarantee getting an application accepted by the universities. After all, only the university in question has the authority on whether to accept or reject an applicant.

Study Abroad Education Consultants

Study Abroad Education Consultants

The company merely advises on what needs to be done in order to apply to a certain university abroad. If for example, a client wants to go to a certain university in the United Kingdom, there would be qualifications needed such as school results certificate and maybe even passing an internationally certified English exam as a requirement to enroll in such a university which is called IELTS. All the pre-requirements must be met by the clients themselves and only the clients can provide the necessary documentation needed to apply for studying abroad. If for example the client fails the IELTS test or his/her school result is not good enough to apply to a university there, the company will not be able to do anything. The company merely advises the clients on what they need to have.

So far there are no complaints being made yet by any client regarding the services provided. The company has also put a disclaimer that they do not guarantee any visas being handed out to the clients and that will also include student visas. The company promises to refund back the money paid to them if a visa application has been denied to a client. However, there are also exceptions as to the refunds being made. For example, if the denial of the visa is due to false documentation by the client. There are also more exceptions included in their official website for further reading.

My view is that the company can be trusted since there are no complaints being made by anyone yet. The company is also trustable due to the fact that they do not promise anything to a client and will only assist the client to get a visa. There will also be a contract to be signed by both the company and the client where it says that the company promises to give back the payment if a visa application is denied.