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Best Customer Feedback of Brigade Visas – By Vijayaraj

Finally after a long struggle of 9 months got  my Pr for Canada, these people at the Brigade visas played a proactive role by helping and guiding on timely basis, whereas the process of documentation is hectic these guys made the job easy but the documents checklist they gave me for submission was very large but at last it was for my own benefit and I had to do get it, further the journey was smooth with little hiccups In the documents regards , if not the lengthy docs work I would have rated them 10/10 but I would now give them 9/10 , yes definitely they can help you in a great way for the processing, and yes I loved their office in Brigade road , great location and ambience ! Good job !


Successful Review By VijayaRaj

Successful Review By VijayaRaj

Customer Review 2:

We are happy to share that we have received our PR VISA recently .We hope this review may help other aspirants to get the required visa from the team. We decided to choose a consultant  where we can physically contact the actual consultant and meet rather than any distant/outside India company and we happen to meet one of their senior consultant at the Hyderabad office and they explained all the requirements along with the possibilities of our profile in being getting selected for the permanent resident visa, finally we enrolled for their services and would say that it was an right move for our  career, all thanks to the brigade visas team for their wonderful support and guidance.